New Friends Share New Single ‘Find You’

Alternative indie pop group New Friends have just shared their brand new single Find You, the latest single to be taken from their infectious new EP, Camaro, out now via Hidden Pony Records. 
Camaro functions as a short story about the endings of a relationship, from the initial phase of not wanting something to end no matter how bad it is for you through to feeling emotionally numb towards the situation. Find You is an anthemic realisation of one's inner negative dialogue and self-perception after a rough breakup, something many of us have gone through at some point in life. 
This message is perfectly conveyed through lush, passionate vocals which are packed with raw, honest emotion and glide effortlessly over the upbeat alt-pop production. Apart from the passionate vocals, I am particularly fond of the lively piano keys that are seamlessly intertwined with killer guitars and punchy drum patterns that together create an overall anthemic atmosphere perfect to get you singing along to it in no time. Have a listen to this gem below!