Natalie Clark Shares New Single ‘ARMOR’

Scottish singer and songwriter Natalie Clark has just shared her brand new single ARMOR, a stunning piece of music out now via DVG Records. 
The follow up to February's bright, uplifting anthem How High, ARMOR is a song about making sure a friend and loved one knows you are there for them during any difficult moment, a much-needed message of love and hope. It is a cathartic, therapeutic, and genuinely touching song, one that will resonate with listeners struggling to find purpose. This message is flawlessly conveyed through Natalie Clark's inimitable raspy voice which oozes so much soul and emotion that won me over from the start. Backing her stunning vocals we have a captivating production with infectious drum patterns and atmospherics that together create an overall warm, uplifting atmosphere perfect to shine a light during those darker moments in life. Have a listen to this powerful gem below!