Naked Face Share New Single ‘Eyes in Love’

Australian two-piece electro-pop band Naked Face, consisting of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve ‘Slik’ and Luke House on Bass guitar, have just shared their brand new single Eyes in Love, an upbeat EDM cut out now via Beach Punk Records. 
There's somewhat of a retro, classic electro/synth-pop vibe in this song that I really like and Steve's vocals are completely addictive, packed with emotion and soul, instantly drawing our attention to their storytelling. Eyes in Love is a song about struggling with a deteriorating relationship, touching on elements of deceit, betrayal and addiction. Apart from his gorgeous vocals I am particularly fond of the memorable driving beat which is paired with expansive synths, subtle piano keys and cool rhythms that together create an upbeat, high-energy piece of electro-pop perfect for the summer. Have a listen to this gem below!


Speaking about the song frontman Sl!k said, 

I wrote the song about my struggles with a deteriorating, tumultuous, relationship whilst also battling a severe post-surgical opioid addiction. I wrote the song to hopefully help the millions of people suffering similar experiences and that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even though I'm still going through the after-effects to this day.