KEHLI Shares Break-up Anthem ‘Dead Body’

Irish pop singer and songwriter KEHLI has just shared her anthemic new single Dead Body, a high-energy alt-pop song out now via Rough Bones. 
Co-written alongside Oli Fox and Aiden Halliday and produced by Oli Fox, Dead Body finds the talented Irish singer beautifully showcasing her powerful, passionate vocals over a jubilant alt-pop production. The follow up to last month's infectious single Lose U Now, Dead Body is an anthem to all those that have been through a toxic relationship, to finally see their self-worth and knowing what they don't want in a relationship. 
A self-worth anthem perfectly delivered through her gorgeous vocals that are backed by soaring guitar riffs nicely paired with punchy drums that create a high-energy, euphoric atmosphere that will get you energised and singing along to it in no time. Have a listen to this vibrant gem below!



Adding about Dead Body, KEHLI said, 
Dead Body is an anthem I would love to hear people in a crowd scream back to me! It’s crazy to think, some people have also been through the same thing I went through – a super toxic relationship! So this one is for them, it’s a ‘release anthem’ if you like! A moment to realise your self-worth and how much you don’t deserve to be treated badly by anyone for the sake of love. This song closed a very long overdue chapter for me which really, never should have started in the first place (!) but what I’ve taken from that experience, is now knowing what I DON’T want in a relationship and I’m spelling it out! Lol. This song is about KNOWING YOUR WORTH!!!