Justin Froese Shares New Single ‘Choose Love’

California-based singer and songwriter Justin Froese has just shared his brand new single Choose Love, an inspiring anthem for all those who believe in the powerful role of the human expression of love to influence social change. 
This is a hopeful, heartwarming piece of Americana music that finds Justin Froese pouring his heart out, appealing to those with the power to affect our civil liberties to choose their actions from a place of love, of respect and acceptance for others sovereign right to choose what’s best for them in their own lives. Choose Love was written in a moment of passion the morning Roe V Wade was overturned and is Justin's response to the increasing erosion of critical liberties in the US. I am really enjoying his passionate, expressive vocals and how infectious and warm the whole production is, with cool guitars, punchy drums and a memorable chorus perfect to sing along to. Have a listen to this powerful song below!



As Froese explains, 
It's totally valid to be upset and angry by the suppression of civil liberties and human rights. To move forward we must come to listen, to stand up and amplify the voices of those affected. This song is directed at those who believe they can take the sovereign rights of others away. The message is this: the power you’ve been granted must be exercised from a place of love, acceptance and respect for those you govern.