Juniper Vale Shares New Single ‘How Do I Love You?’

American singer and songwriter Juniper Vale has just shared her brand new single How Do I Love You?, a dreamy, melancholic indie-folk song out now via I the AI Records. What I like the most about this song is its warmth and how dreamy, evocative Juniper Vale's vocals are, packed with raw emotion, pondering the idea that in order to truly love something, you must be willing to let it go. I am loving the sad, melancholic atmosphere of the song which is enhanced by the lush strings, steady rhythms and airy elements that together create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for those reflective days home alone. Have a listen to this dreamy gem below!



How Do I Love You? is the first single in a 12 month release plan leading up to a new full length album. Speaking about the inspiration for this album, Juniper Vale said, 
 I've always believed that "home" can be found wherever we go. So I spontaneously packed my whole life into a backpack and traveled through Europe for 6 months to see if my theory was really true. I found much more than I had hoped to find. While hopping from place to place I actually felt more at home than I had ever felt before in my life back in America. The journey was opening up my heart to a brand new world, but that openness exposed a deep sadness that I had hidden within my soul; a real sadness that I had never realized was there but now couldn't ignore. So I began writing songs to process each up and down of the journey. This album chronicles the juxtaposition of living out the adventure of a lifetime while struggling through a lifetime’s worth of emotions. I've never faced such sadness, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been."