Juliana Madrid Shares New Single ‘Big Plans’

Texas based singer songwriter Juliana Madrid has just shared her brand new single Big Plans, a breezy indie-pop song taken from her upcoming sophomore EP set to be released on Neon Gold Records. 
Big Plans is a song about knowing one's behaviour and insecurities can act as a catalyst for distance, but it aims to encourage listeners to get a hold of a glimmer of hope and be out there with the ones they love. As an introvert myself, I am fully aware that the way I act is sometimes pushing others away, even though I would love to be with them. This song really gives me that push to get out of my comfort zone and get out there! I am loving her smooth expressive vocals and how they are backed by lush guitar strums and steady drum patterns that together create an overall breezy, summery atmosphere perfect for a laid-back weekend! Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Juliana Madrid said, 
In "Big Plans" I explain how my behaviors are acting as a catalyst for distance, even though I long to be out in the world and with the people I love. I have always been introverted, even a recluse during some lower points in my life, but when I listen to or sing this song - especially the chorus - there is this ephemeral glimmer of light airy hope, and it feels good. I hope when others listen to this song, they can catch that feeling and hold onto it as long as they can.
Big Plans was one of those miracle out-of-thin-air-ideas that happens pretty much never for me and artists alike. It’s like my subconscious had been working on it for weeks, and was just waiting for me to play the right chord progression. Once I found it the core melodies and lyrics came out of me like a magic fountain. Immediately I put it into my voice memos and continued to edit it with my producer Ben Ruttner. This is also the song I think that made me fall in love with the sound of the MS20. I am obsessed.