Erin Bloomer Shares Breakup Anthem ‘Wasted It On You’

British singer and songwriter Erin Bloomer has just shared her brand new single Wasted It On You, an upbeat electro-pop gem. 
Written about being fully invested in a relationship but then realising that your significant other isn't nowhere near as invested as you thought, stringing you along from the get go. Unfortunately this happens quite often and Wasted It On You is Erin Bloomer's way to address such situation, showing that even though you're broken up it doesn't mean you'll let it get you down. A true breakup anthem wrapped around an upbeat pop/dance production with an infectious beat seamlessly paired with killer guitar riffs that together with her gorgeous, confident vocals, create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere perfect to get you dancing and singing along to it in no time.

Speaking about the song, Erin Bloomer said, 

The track is about the beginning of a relationship, you're excited and happy and you wanna share everything with your new partner and you think they're matching your energy and responding in the same way. However, in this instance she discovers that once she'd committed to her partner, it turned out they were nowhere near as invested as she thought and had actually been stringing her along from the get go. I recorded it as a telephone convo between two friends, so that you can feel the despondency in her realisation, BUT she's tough and strong and she's not gonna let it get her down. It's deliberately wired, upbeat and realist, she's gonna laugh and move on. I had so much fun recording this with Future Cut and Elle Campbell, because one of my best friends came with me to the studio and she is actually the 'telephone voice' on the track!


The accompanying music video was directed by Ed Japp of Luna Moon Productions and perfectly captures the upbeat and fun nature of the track. Erin adds, 

It’s a shout out to anyone who has been wronged, but with really positive energy, the message is stay happy, pick yourself up and move on. It was a really fun process shooting the visuals because I had one of my best friends with me, she is the telephone voice on the track and came to the studio, so it felt right to have her join me on the video too.