Dylan James Shares New Single ‘I’m Not Superman’

London-based singer and songwriter Dylan James shares a hearbreakingly honest and relatable new single called I'm Not Superman. 
Taken from his upcoming debut album, Expected To Fly, I'm Not Superman is a relatable song about putting up a brave face, wearing a mask as a way to hide the pain and fear we sometimes feel deep inside. It shows that masking one's feelings can't last forever, cracks do eventually show up and it is ok to recognise we're only human after all. I'm Not Superman finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing his passionate vocals and trademark heartfelt lyrics over a blend of indie-pop, folk and soft rock elements featuring emotive piano keys, intricate acoustic guitar riffs, subtle strings, punchy drums and a chorus perfect to sing along to. Check it out below! 



Speaking about the song, Dylan James said, 
“I’m Not Superman” is now one of best tracks I perform live and where my songwriting journey started. It’s a song which I think everyman can relate do – ‘I’m not Superman/I can’t do the things you think I can’. The lyrics came from a place where I felt pressure to be like a modern day superhero and just saying ‘Yes, I can do that’ but underneath the skin I knew I couldn’t. ‘I wore a mask for years hiding behind the fear of failure but I got to the stage where I didn’t care anymore what people thought. I wanted to express this frustration in a song which told the story. “I’m Not Superman” became the song which championed my songwriting for the album ‘Expected to Fly’.