Dan Croll Shares New Single ‘Second Guess’

Following on from the release of his much-loved offerings Slip Away and Talk To You, British singer and songwriter Dan Croll continues the support for his eagerly-awaited fourth studio album Fools (out on May 19th via Communion Records) with the release of the sweeping new single Second Guess. 
Second Guess finds the talented artist embracing more of that sweet yet contemplative spirit he has showcased throughout his recent material. This song was inspired by a recent trip to the UK where he got to revisit the love and warmth that his friends and family back home have always greeted him with, giving him a chance to step out from his personal experiences and find a moment of calm within his chaotic life of late. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and how comforting it sounds, with Dan Croll's smooth, expressive vocals gliding beautifully over a captivating blend of country, folk and indie-pop elements. I am particularly fond of the killer bass, steady drums and memorable guitar riffs which, with his stunning vocals, create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day. Check it out below!

 Speaking about the song, Dan Croll said, 

Last Christmas I made my first trip back home in three years to reunite with friends and family, and it struck me how easy and effortless it was to just slide back into life in the UK. In Los Angeles (and maybe with age), plans feel like they have to be made weeks or even months in advance, but back home I didn’t have to think about that, it was as simple as knocking on a friend's door and seeing where the nights goes. One night in particular I met someone and ended up on an all-night bender, crawling back home in the early hours of the morning, and as rough as I felt the next day, it was actually a great experience switching off, not second guessing anything,and just having an adventure.