Chromeo Share New Single ‘Replacements’ ft. La Roux

Hot off the heels of their incredible Coachella performance this month, Canadian duo Chromeo share their brand new single Replacements, out now via BMG Rights Management. 
For this song the talented duo teamed up with the fabulous British synth-pop artist La Roux, whose lush, distinctive vocals fit perfectly with Chromeo's smooth tone. I am really enjoying the blend of indie, dance and synthpop elements that create an upbeat, feel-good atmosphere perfect to brighten up your day. The emotion pouring from their vocals is effortlessly enhanced by the infectious electronic production that features catchy, funky rhythms, bright, shimmery electronics and steady percussive elements that ooze carefree, feel-good vibes perfect for a long road trip and/or fun days with someone special. Check it out below!



The duo comment on ‘Replacements’, 
For our second single, we wanted to take a 90 degree turn. The groove stays, but whereas ‘Words With You’ feels loose and organic, here we let the synths and drum machines do the talking. We‘re an ELECTRO-funk band after all, and this track contains little nods to the2000s ‘indie dance’ sound that’s so dear to us (fuzzy bass = instant HypeMachine timewarp.) So who better to duet with than La Roux, our friend of 15 years and one of our favourite voices in music? The idea was to combine sweaty dancefloor energy with sincere emotions. It’s the duality in our name: Chrome, the shimmery electronics, and Romeo, the heartfelt romantics.