Cartwright Shares New Single ‘Into The Wild’

British artist Cartwright has just shared his brand new single Into The Wild, a nostalgic and enchanting piece of folk music. 
As soon as I heard those lush acoustic guitar riffs I knew I was in for a memorable and warm listening experience. Cartwright's rich, expressive vocals are packed with raw emotion, soaring effortlessly over the captivating indie folk production. The first single off of Cartwright’s upcoming debut EP, Into The Wild is a nostalgic and inspiring anecdote about following in his late father’s footsteps through the wilderness of Scotland. Apart from his gorgeous vocals and haunting harmonies I am particularly fond of the guitar riffs which are seamlessly paired with lush strings, catchy beat, subtle harmonica and cool rhythms that together create an overall warm, dreamy and enchanting listening experience. Check it out below!