Blair West Shares New Single ‘Nostalgia’

New York singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Blair West has just shared her brand new single Nostalgia, a warm, folk-infused, lo-fi/bedroom pop gem. 
Featuring pockets of quaint, romantic lyricism, Nostalgia looks back at the early stages of a past relationship. Reminiscent, wonderful and tinted with rose whilst simultaneously being pinched with a subtle sadness that tugs at your heart strings. I am loving how smooth and ethereal-like her vocal delivery is, flowing effortlessly over the warm and intimate production. Apart from her angelic, pristine tone, I am particularly fond of the dreamy synth production, whisper soft harmonies and gently finger-picked guitar that together create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a reflective day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Blair West said, 
Nostalgia is a beautiful thing to experience – but also a painful one. Feeling nostalgic for something that no longer exists, or something that was taken away from you, or something you know you’ll never have again. That type of longing feels unique but totally universal, and I always wanted to write a song about it. It wasn’t until the pandemic, when I was feeling nostalgic for the everyday elements of pre-lockdown life, that the phrase “nostalgia is painful that way” came to be. And it couldn’t let it go. Finally, in late 2022, I started writing a new song around a simple guitar lick, and the melody quickly emerged, and the song came together from there (we love when that happens!).