Balto Share New Single ‘Wrong End’

California Rock ‘N Roll quartet Balto have just shared their brand new single Wrong End, a sprawling, post-heartland rock composition. 
Their first song of the year, Wrong End is a winding, deeply personal narrative about acceptance that returns primary songwriter Dan Sheron to the ghosts of his past in Moscow’s Chinatown and features phenomenal interwoven group playing from his bandmates. I am really enjoying Dan Sheron's smooth, expressive vocals which effortlessly convey the emotion of their relatable storytelling over the polished production. Apart from his vocals I am particularly fond of the swaggering bass seamlessly intertwined with thunderous drums, fuzzed out guitar lines and lush, cinematic strings that come together to create an overall warm, reflective atmosphere! Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Dan Sheron said, 

I wrote “Wrong End” in one long stream of consciousness one night in mid-winter 2022, in the immediate lead-up to Russia’s full scale war on Ukraine. As much as it feels like a goodbye to so many parts of myself, it’s really my goodbye to a world that is gone forever. From the very first songs I wrote for Balto, Russia and the times I spent there had become a simulacrum for my idealized self - a light socket to stick my finger in - an open, bipolar conduit - everything, all the time. So 13 years later, I still get lost in the shadows - looking for some new, hidden meaning in the forgotten corners of my memory. But now Russia, that ephemeral world - is gone. I couldn't have known when I found the song that I was saying goodbye with that amount of finality. I will likely never go back.