Anna Rose Shares New Single ‘Alameda’

American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Anna Rose has just shared her brand new single Alameda, a powerful ballad taken from her latest project, Last Girl of the Rodeo, an autobiographical concept record to be released single by single over the year. 
I am a fan of Anna Rose's powerhouse vocals which are packed with raw emotion that instantly captures the listener's attention to her heartfelt storytelling. Alameda is a personal song about the breakup of her marriage and how she wished she could run away to a happy place she'd fictionalised in her mind. This autobiographical storytelling is flawlessly delivered through her raw, passionate vocals which are backed by emotive piano keys, subtle guitars and steady drum patterns that together create an overall warm, emotional atmosphere perfect for a reflective day home alone. Have a listen to this ballad below!



Speaking about the song, Anna Rose said, 
‘Alameda’ is very much about the breakup of my marriage. It's extremely autobiographical and it was a really hard one to write for that reason. Alameda is this tiny island off of San Francisco—and the way it was described to me was this beautiful place with pretty houses and sweet families. I realized that it was the fantasy of this place that I wanted to run away to, that I had completely fictionalized it in my mind. It's not really about Alameda, it’s about the tornado that takes you to a fantasy path forward, like the yellow brick road.