Alta Falls Share New Single ‘Tried To Forget About’

Brisbane indie/alternative outfit Alta Falls, consisting of Nathanael Hubbard and Matthew Green, are back with a nostalgic electro-pop song called Tried To Forget About. 
Produced by Aidan Hogg (G Flip, Jaguar Jonze, Holy Holy), Tried To Forget About takes listeners on a trip down memory lane, telling the story of Nathaneal's childhood friend and how they used to ride their pushbikes around the Western suburbs of Brisbane and write songs together. This honest storytelling is beautifully delivered through smooth, expressive vocals and silky smooth harmonies that are backed by a polished electro-pop production that melds a danceable shuffle beat and vintage synths. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Nathanael said, 
I wrote one of my very first songs with her – I have such fond memories of that time of my childhood, and the song transports me back there whenever I play it. The song was originally written in a folky style. One night we played it on a TikTok livestream, and our followers instantly connected with the song and asked us to record it. From then on, it was requested on every stream, so we thought we’d better get onto it. 
Matt added,
We took the song to our producer Aidan and asked, ‘How on earth can we turn this folk song into an 80s banger? Aidan weaved his magic, as he always does, and we couldn’t be happier with the final mix.