Yael Danon Shares New Single ‘90 Days’

Panamanian-Israeli singer and songwriter Yael Danon has just shared her brand new single 90 Days, the latest single to be taken from her debut album, Diary Girl, out now via We Are Musik. 
I am a fan of Yael's rich, expressive vocals which effortlessly draw the listener's attention to her storytelling. 90 Days is a song about a time in her life when she was in love with a good friend and was afraid of losing him, so she created a 90-day trial for the relationship to see if it could work. It's a relatable song for those that end up falling in love with a best friend but are scared to lose both a partner and a friend if things don't work out. 
This message is beautifully conveyed through Yael's gorgeous, emotive vocals and haunting harmonies that glide over intricate acoustic guitar strums, delicate piano chords and punchy bass, creating an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a reflective day. Accompanying the release we are gifted with a captivating music video that perfectly embodies the song's heartfelt message. Check it out below! 


Yael says on the track, 
When Tommy Torres asked me what I wanted to talk about in this new song I wasn't quite sure where to start. We wanted it to be personal and so the question popped up, ‘Yael, is there any guy in your life?’ I told him about my first boyfriend, the typical best-friends-to-lovers story, and how I was scared to date him because I was scared to lose a friend. So, we thought a 90 day trial for the relationship would be a good idea (it was a ridiculous one, I realize that now) and that's how ‘90 Days’ was born.