Wild Child Share New Single ‘Cheap Champagne’

Acclaimed Austin-based ensemble Wild Child share Cheap Champagne, the fourth and final single to be taken from their upcoming new album End of the World, out 31 March via Reba’s Ranch Records, their new self-run label exclusively distributed by Secretly Distribution. 
A tender and poignant song, Cheap Champagne features delicate, yet passionate vocals soaring beautifully over organic instrumentation that create somewhat of an epic, cinematic vibe that I am really enjoying. Apart from the vocals, I am particularly fond of the piano keys, lush string and horn arrangements that enhance the emotion pouring from the vocals and create a memorable, enthralling listening experience. Check it out below!



Speaking of the single, the band say, 
This song has always felt special, like we had to get it right. Sometimes songs feel like they fall from the sky, like they were always there floating around above you and you just have to guide them down. Other songs are more elusive and less obvious and take years to find their form and place; where you collect little pieces of them along the way and have to be patient with them trying to put them all together. Cheap Champagne demos date back to 2017. We took a trip up to Nashville a couple years back to hash out the song more with members Craft and Tom and then it sort of sat in purgatory until it was time to get into the studio. One of the most memorable and magical studio moments was the day David J Piece showed us the string and horn arrangements he wrote for the song. Hearing it all come together was beautiful and emotional and the song finally felt complete.