VC Pines Shares New Single ‘Dangling’

VC Pines - the moniker of British singer, songwriter, producer and musician Jack Mercer - has just shared his brand new single Dangling, out now via Club Carousel. 
Co-written and co-produced alongside Hoost, Dangling is a song about a series of bad habits, encouraging listeners to be open-minded and not stuck in their own assumptions. This gem sees VC Pines offer up more of that rich and dynamic sound he is quickly earning a strong reputation for. With his warm and woozy demeanor layered across a broad and innovative production from start to finish, Dangling continues his pursuit for fresh and vivid imagery throughout. Apart from his rich, expressive vocals, I am particularly fond of the blend of indie-pop and r&b elements that include expansive synths, cool rhythms, catchy guitar riffs and drum patterns that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a reflective day. Check it out below!



Speaking about Dangling, VC Pines said, 
Dangling is a culmination of bad habits, late nights and broken relationships. BUT. The fact that these are exacerbated by things that are all in your head. I was put on lamotrigine after my epilepsy diagnosis and my moods would swing like Newton's cradle. I thought that people were thinking things or saying things or that they were acting a certain way towards me due to reasons I’d made up in my head and eventually this tore down some strong relationships I had. Late nights and alcohol didn’t fix anything when I thought they would. Really, if I’d just asked questions, things could have been different. So Dangling is a reminder to be open, and not fester in your own assumptions.