Tommy Ashby Shares New Single ‘Running’

Scottish singer and songwriter Tommy Ashby has just shared his brand new single Running, the lead single from his poignant and affecting debut album Lamplighter which is out now via Dance To The Radio. 
I am a fan of Tommy Ashby's gorgeous, wistful vocals which effortlessly connect the listeners to his storytelling, making us feel each and every single word he is singing. Running is a song about the dream he had to become an athlete but life got in the way, injuries took their toll and he couldn't be a competitive runner anymore. I like the way the song makes me feel that we're not bound to a single dream and there's alway something else we can do and be successful at. Running is wrapped around a polished blend of folk, indie and pop elements with lush piano keys seamlessly intertwined with intricate guitar plucks and drum patterns that create an overall warm, somewhat dreamy atmosphere perfect for a long drive out in the sun and/or for those relaxing summer days by the beach. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Tommy Ashby said, 
Before becoming a musician I dreamed of being an athlete. Every weekend I would drag my parents to race after race, I was national champion at a few events and really loved it. In the end I came up short of doing running as a career, injuries took their toll and other things came to the fore. I still run every day, though not as competitively; I think I do it now as more of a form of meditation. The songs describes a run back home in Scotland, along the River Leithen through the woods near my house. I’ve run that route so many times that I can close my eyes and picture every twist and turn, rock and tree.