Noah Derksen Shares New Single ‘You Got a Hold On Me’

Following last month's gorgeous single Sanctity of Silence, Award-winning roots/Americana artist Noah Derksen is back with yet another gem called You Got a Hold On Me, the lead single of his third full-length album, Sanctity of Silence, out now via One More Pastime. 
Sanctity of Silence follows the arc of love from start to finish: the joyful beginning to the bitter ending with You Got a Hold On Me showing the lighter side of being in love. I am a fan of Noah Derksen's rich, expressive vocals which effortlessly capture the listener's attention from start to finish. This gem invites you to picture yourself at 25, driving off towards the sunset, the warmth of the light on your face. The road winds ever so gently, a smooth two-lane highway with no one else around but the trees lining the pavement. Nothing else matters, just you, the one you’re with, and the miles ahead. I am loving the warmth of the song and how it oozes blissful, laid-back vibes perfect for a relaxing weekend out with that special someone. Apart from his gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the steady drum patterns seamlessly paired with intricate guitar plucks and delicate piano/organ keys that enhance the emotion pouring from his vocals. Check it out below!