MIIA Shares New Single ‘Skin of a Fool’ ft. Vaarin

Norwegian singer and songwriter MIIA has just shared her brand new single Skin of a Fool, a dramatic dark wave/indie-pop song taken from her upcoming EP. 
The follow up to January's heartfelt OXIDE, Skin of a Fool features fellow Norwegian multi-talented artist Vaarin who co-wrote the song with MIIA and the result is a soul-stirring piece of music from the very beginning. I am loving the dramatic, magical, somewhat cinematic, soundscape that immediately draws you into a bygone era like some mysterious dream MIIA and Vaarin manage to smoothly guide you through with their powerful story, culminating in what feels like an indestructible, liberating whirlwind. I am loving the raw emotion pouring from the vocals and haunting harmonies which are enhanced by a memorable production that features heavy drums with delicate piano keys, strings and enchanting chords. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite powerful with a liberating touch that makes it perfect to play when you need time to let go of the darkness and allow yourself to finally be free. Definitely a memorable listening experience that I am going to have on repeat. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, MIIA said, 
I didn’t know Vaarin that well, but I admired her. Her truth was just so clear to me. Not only are her melodies beyond special and sincere - she also takes risks and isn’t afraid to make the listener a bit uncomfortable. We wrote "Skin of a Fool" during a vulnerable conversation about feelings we had felt surrounding not being good enough. Our producer, Joachim “J RYGGS”, already had these enchanting chords that immediately spoke to us. You need to allow darkness to "get out" of it. And sometimes, in order to do that, you need to know that you’re not alone. You need to let love in - and only when you do that - you can finally be free.