Maddy Little Shares New Single ‘Six Feet Under’

Canadian singer and songwriter Maddy Little (of indie folk band We Wander) has just shared her brand new single Six Feet Under, her official solo debut single taken from her upcoming debut EP. 
Co-produced with Christian Turner, Six Feet Under finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her storytelling abilities as well as her lovely, emotional vocal delivery that effortlessly captures the listener's attention from the start. I am really enjoying the emotion and vulnerability pouring from her vocals, singing about feeling like there's a hole in your chest that keeps getting bigger. This is a relatable feeling and is perfectly conveyed through her vocals and captivating production that features intricate guitar riffs and catchy drums that build up in pace and energy matching the emotion of her storytelling. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Maddy Little said, 
I remember waking up one Sunday morning just feeling very empty, and feeling like there was a hole in my chest that was just growing bigger and bigger. I turned my phone off that day and just wanted to disappear from the world for a little bit and that’s when I sat down at my piano and instantly poured my heart out.