joan Share New Single ‘loner’

Critically acclaimed Arkansas duo joan, consisting of Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford, have just shared their brand new single loner, the latest single to be taken from their highly-anticipated debut album superglue, out April 19th via Photo Finish Records. 
What I like the most about this song is its infectious energy and how it really gave me that extra boost to carry on with my day. loner is a relatable song about being in a party or in any crowded place and all you can feel is that you don't belong there, ending up being on your own and keeping to yourself. It also shows that there are others that feel the same, making us realise that we're not that truly alone and that being with someone doesn't seem so bad. I am really enjoying the smooth, passionate vocals which beautifully capture our attention from start to finish and are perfectly backed by soaring guitars and punchy drums that create an overall energetic, feel-good atmosphere perfect to get you hyped up for a fun weekend. Accompanying the release, the duo has shared its official music video which seamlessly embodies the song's message and energy. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, the band confides, You know when you go to a party or really anything with crowds, and you have that sort of pit in your stomach because you don’t feel like you belong and you really just don’t to be there? That's what loner is about — being in those situations and knowing you’re better off just sticking to your own corner and keeping to yourself. But, it’s also about someone walking into that party that sees you and gets you and feels the same way you do and you’re thinking, “i’d rather be alone, you’d rather be alone, should we alone together?” and all the sudden the thought of being with someone doesn’t seem so bad.