Jake Huffman Shares New Single ‘Babe’

American singer and songwriter Jake Huffman has just shared his brand new single Babe, the latest single to be taken from upcoming EP. 
The follow up to January's gorgeous gem Martyr, Babe is an anthemic pop-rock song that is left open for listeners to interpret as they wish, with the focus of the song being Jake's vocals and upbeat melodies and atmosphere. As soon as I heard those guitar riffs I knew I was in for a fun listening experience that instantly got me in a good mood and ready for the weekend. I am a fan of Jake Huffman's passionate, expressive vocals and how they glide beautifully over the steady drum patterns, soaring guitars and lush synths that come together to create a retro-infused, anthemic atmosphere perfect to brighten up your day in no time. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jake Huffman said, 
Something about the bass lines and the hard hitting syncopation really hit the spot. I wanted to capture that vibe and put my own spin on the genre. What's cool and different about this track is how haunted and dark it feels. I think I captured an 80s sci-fi horror mixed into a twisted fantasy like day dream. I didn't want to cloud the energy of the song by over-thinking the lyrics or trying to insert deeper meaning into the song. It’s my opinion that some surface level situations end up more significant overtime. The song was created by chasing that feeling, what's interesting is even now when I listen back I find more nuance than I originally intended.