Jack Kane Shares New Single ‘Tell Me What I Need To Do’

Rising London based newcomer Jack Kane has just shared his brand new single Tell Me What I Need To Do, an upbeat indie-pop song about letting someone know you're here for them. 
The follow up to January's gorgeous gem We'd Be Good, Tell Me What I Need To Do sees Kane lay his heart bare over gorgeous guitar strings. I am a fan of his smooth, expressive vocals which are packed with soul and emotion, gliding effortlessly over the upbeat guitar-driven melodies. I am also very fond of the steady drums and how the song has an overall warm, comforting and uplifting atmosphere perfect to get you in a good mood in no time. Check it out below!
Speaking on the track, Jack Kane states, 
 This song is about letting someone know you’re going to be there for them. Maybe you’re not capable of fixing all their problems, but you’re going to try your best. I think a lot of the time when you’re going through something, knowing there is someone on your side fighting with you can take so much of the edge off. I wanted this song to feel really comforting but still have a bit of bite to it, I wanted it to recharge you if you’re feeling is back with his brand new single We'd Be Good, the latest track to be lifted from his upcoming sophomore EP.