Hana Hope Shares New Single ‘We've Come So Far’

17-year-old Japanese singer and songwriter Hana Hope has just shared her brand new single We've Come So Far, a captivating piece of electro-pop music out now via U/M/A/A Inc.
Produced by London-based electro-pop duo HONNE, We've Come So Far is a soulful piece of electronic music that oozes carefree summer vibes. I am loving Hana Hope's expressive, soulful vocals and how the emotion pouring from her delivery is enhanced by its charming electronic production. I am really fond of the brass elements, expansive synths and killer beat that make the song such a memorable listening experience. We've Come So Far is a song about love and hope for a new stage in life, a relatable, uplifting song wrapped around infectious melodies that create an overall feel-good atmosphere perfect for a fun weekend out in the sun. Have a listen to this soulful electro-pop song below!