GAYLE Shares New Single ‘everybody hates me’

GRAMMY® Award-nominated, multi-Platinum certified, 2.3 billion streaming artist GAYLE has just shared her brand new single everybody hates me, a high-energy pop-punk song out now via Atlantic Records/Arthouse Records. 
I am loving how confident, powerful and dynamic GAYLE's vocal delivery is, gliding effortlessly over the polished production. As the title implies, everybody hates me is a song written about a point in her life where she wasn't getting the respect she deserved, making her feel like everybody hated her. However she didn't let that affect her, using that "hate" as a way to empower herself, realising she doesn't have to do anything for anybody else. I am really enjoying this empowering message and how it is enhanced by soaring guitar riffs and punchy, punk-influenced drumbeat. This is one of those songs that will give you an extra dose of confidence and energy to get through the day. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, GAYLE said, 
there was a point in my life where i felt like i wasn’t getting respected and everything i was doing was being torn apart. i honestly felt like everybody hated me. instead of drowning in it i felt empowered by it because i realized i didn’t have to do anything for anybody else. because when everyone hates you, you may as well like yourself and do what you want.