Daisy Briggs Shares New Single ‘i don't hate u (my mom thinks ur trash)’

Nashville-based artist Daisy Briggs has just shared her brand new single i don't hate u (my mom thinks ur trash), an upbeat, lighthearted song about liking a guy her mother was not a fan of. 
What I like the most about this song is how upbeat it is, with intricate guitar melodies instantly creating an overall feel-good atmosphere that made my day shine a little brighter. I am very fond of Daisy's gorgeous vocals and how expressive her vocal delivery is, beautifully drawing the listener's attention to her relatable storytelling. Apart from her vocals and lush guitar riffs, I am particularly fond of the steady drum patterns and infectious chorus that is perfect to sing along to. i don't hate u (my mom thinks ur trash) is one of those songs perfect to play during a long road trip and/or fun moments out with friends during the summer. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Daisy Briggs said,
i don't hate u (my mom thinks ur trash)" is a lighthearted song i wrote myself about a guy i liked that my mom was not a fan of -- and she wasn't afraid to tell me. i won't share his nickname, but let's just say "trash" has something to do with it. it originally started as sort of a chant among my friends, my band, and my inner circle about my poor taste in guys, but i started to realize that it resonated with a lot of people, especially on tiktok. more and more women and their daughters -- and some dads, even -- would tell me they related to the story. the music video is unlike any i've ever made, and depicts me portraying different characters -- the country singer, the skater girl, etc. It is playful, and meant to make people smile. i have also made t-shirts with the phrase "my mom thinks ur trash" which people have been loving.