Cade Hoppe Shares New Single ‘Moon’

New York-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cade Hoppe has just shared his brand new single Moon, a melancholia-infused piece of electro-pop music. 
Written and produced by Cade alongside his frequent collaborator Harper James (Eighty Ninety, James Bay, Aaron Taos), Moon is a song about being caught in the middle, between where one is and where they want to go. This reflective lyricism is beautifully conveyed through Cade Hoppe's gorgeous vocals which glide effortlessly over the cinematic instrumentation and spacious production. I am particularly fond of the smooth intro with delicate piano keys and subtle acoustic guitars before the song builds up in pace with punchy drums, soaring guitars and lush horns that match the emotion pouring from his vocals. Moon is a celestial yet tranquil exploration of loneliness and is accompanied by a captivating music video that you can watch below!


 Speaking about the song, Cade Hoppe said, 

'Moon' is a song about being caught somewhere between where I’ve always been and where I’m trying to go. To me, there’s nothing lonelier than the moon—out of Earth’s atmosphere, but still in its orbit.