BIZZY Shares New Single ‘Spinach In My Teeth’

American singer and songwriter BIZZY has just shared her brand new single Spinach In My Teeth, a confident, energetic piece of indie-pop/rock music. 
I am loving how passionate BIZZY's vocals are, packed with raw emotion and with a gritty, raspy touch that makes the song stand out even more. Spinach In My Teeth is a song about dating someone that seemed to be approved by one's close friends but as soon as the relationship is over one learns their friends never cared for that person. This is a very relatable song as sometimes we may not like a friend's partner but if they are happy with them we try not to interfere and say how we really feel about that person. It's a breakup song about realising the person you were in a relationship wasn't really that great and wishing the ones close to you would tell that to you. This gem is beautifully conveyed through BIZZY's gorgeous vocals that are backed by soaring guitars and lively drum patterns that together create an upbeat, feel-good atmosphere with an anthemic touch perfect to get you singing along to it in no time. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, BIZZY said, 
I dated a guy for five years and all of my friends said they "LOVEDDD" him but when we broke up they all said "oh thank god, we always hated them". It felt like i had been walking around with spinach in my feet for five years and nobody told me!!