BENJI & Their Orchestra release debut single ‘the boy from costa rica’

Princeton-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, lyricist, composer, producer, dancer, model, and entrepreneur BENJI & Their Orchestra make their official debut with the release of the boy from costa rica, a sensual, bedroom/lo-fi pop song out now via HOLLYWOODLAND Music Group. 
Based on the iconic Girl From Ipanema, the boy from costa rica is an enchanting piece of music that tells the story of falling for a guy from Costa Rica, who now resides in Northern Michigan, but has a girlfriend back home. BENJI’s lyrical prowess captures this classic and frustrating love story in a mesmerizing way. I am a fan of the original's sensuality and warmth, with its lush rhythms and guitar plucks creating a super relaxing, feel-good atmosphere. BENJI's vocals are stunning, packed with soul and raw emotion and are paired with Remi Baker's dreamy harmonies that enhance the emotion of the storytelling. This is one of those songs that make me want to come back to it over and over again as it instantly makes me relaxed and in a good mood. Have a listen to this gem below!