Alexa Cappelli Shares New Single ‘Someone Better’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Alexa Cappelli has just shared her brand new single Someone Better, a delicate, heartfelt pop song out now via Arista Records. 
I am loving how passionate and emotional Alexa's commanding vocals are, instantly conveying the emotion of her heartfelt storytelling. Someone Better is a song about realising that the relationship you're in doesn't really fit with the life you're living for. It shows that even though things are good, you feel life has more love and growth to offer if you're apart, a painful realisation yet with a hopeful touch. Apart from Alexa's stunning vocals, I am particularly fond of the emotive piano chords and how they are nicely paired with intricate guitar riffs, creating an overall warm, heartwarming atmosphere that enhances the soul-barring storytelling. Check it out below!



Alexa adds, 
‘Someone Better’ is the realization that the relationship you’re in doesn't fit the life you’re living for. There’s nothing wrong with the other person, in fact there’s really only good. But you know the future holds more growth and love for both of you apart, rather than together. Choosing yourself is way more difficult when you aren’t mad at this person who has only ever treated you right. But moving forward, there will be a day when you meet someone somewhere who does the same and is also growing in the same direction.