Adam O’Rua Shares New Single ‘Rainfall’

Brazil-based, Irish singer-songwriter, producer, dancer and all-round artist Adam O’Rua has just shared the official music video for his latest single Rainfall. 
The magnetic music video captures the song's poetic and intimate atmosphere which won me over from the very first listen. Rainfall is a romantic, electronic RnB Ballad, with sounds and production styles from the iconic 80s/90s era. I am very fond of Adam's passionate, soulful vocals and how they leave the listener enraptured in a sensuous, steamy and deeply emotive storyline. 
Speaking about the song, Adam O'Rua said, 
It rains a lot in Ireland and in London too, where this song was written and this story is based. I think there’s something beautiful about the rain. How everything green and verdant and beautiful in the nature that I grew up with wouldn’t be so without it. Something different about how deeply you can cry when tears of the heavens are washing away your tears as quickly as they fall. And deeper still when you can trust someone with your whole heart. What you emerge with afterwards with that person is a bond so deep and intense that it (doesn’t fit into/supersedes mere) words.
A homage to both his homeland, heritage and to honour the arrival of the new season, the visual for Rainfall, co-directed by Adam O'Rua and John Mouratis, goes live on St Patrick's day and the weekend in which the long awaited Spring Equinox lands. Attuning to the excitement of the eagerly anticipated warmer weather and abundance of new life just waiting to burst through, Adam is harnessing this fresh beginning with the cathartic properties of rain/water and it’s capacity to cleanse the soul and the land as the purest elixir and essence of life.