Zø Marie Shares New Single ‘I Wanna Love You (For the Night)’

New York City-based singer and songwriter Zø Marie has just shared her brand new single I Wanna Love You (For the Night), a smooth, sensual piece of r&b taken from her upcoming debut album Soulmate. 
Out now via her own label All the Above Records, I Wanna Love You (For the Night) is a gorgeous pop/r&b cut about the current dating scene where most are often trapped in a "hookup culture". Zø Marie writes this song from the perspective of a woman objectifying a man as she has grown tired of being disrespected by men that would text her late at night. I am really fond of Zø Marie's gorgeous, expressive vocals and how they infuse a touch of emotion and sensuality to this chilled out blend of pop and r&b elements. Her storytelling is backed by killer rhythms and sultry sax solo that combined with her gorgeous vocals create an overall warm, sensual atmosphere perfect for bedroom sessions. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Zø Marie said, 
This song is meant to combat the disrespectful men I have encountered living in New York City. I wrote this song one night after this guy kept texting me and asking me to come over at 3 a.m. Finally, I had enough of his disrespectful comments and wrote a song from the perspective of a woman objectifying her potential lover. I'm saying to young men, "How would you feel if I disrespected you the way you disrespect young women like me."