Varas Shares New Single ‘Hell No’

Self-taught producer, singer and songwriter Varas has just shared his buoyant new track Hell No, out now via TEN Music Group. 
Taken from his upcoming EP, Hell No weaves the tale of avoiding responsibilities and feeling as though you wouldn’t be able to handle them if you were to hear about them, instead just wanting the highlights, easy-going days and the weekends. This anthem of avoidance is wrapped around a polished blend of indie rock, alternative and dream-pop elements that allow for Varas to beautifully showcase his confident vocals and energetic delivery. 
Apart from his gorgeous, smooth vocals, I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar lines throughout the song and how they are paired with a killer beat and rhythms that together create a raw, high-energy soundscape perfect to get you in a good mood in no time. 
The accompanying video, directed by Josef Ingmår and Benjamin Varas, shows Varas in a bright-blue boxed room on set with only the company of his drummer and an old-school TV switching between displaying white noise, Varas himself or a blank screen. The glitchy, chaotic video compliments the track perfectly, embodying Varas’ fresh, contemporary aesthetic and engaging stage presence, which is only set to grow as his artistry does. Check it out below!



Speaking of the new single, Varas said:
You know the feeling when it’s Friday and you’ve just survived another week full of snow storms and hurtful ingrown toenails. Your body is hurting, not because you worked out or anything but because you walked home with groceries and un-ergonomically only brought one bag. A dear friend hits you up: “care for a beer?”. You care a lot actually. Anything to make you think about something else than this cycle of habits around work….Anyway, you change your clothes and head into town. 
Finally you manage to get to a bar with some friends. It’s cheap and smelly, just like you. Now it’s time to have a pleasant time of distraction. But before you even take the first sip it happens, someone at the table innocently asks you about next week’s work and duties. Right there, that moment you have to keep yourself from telling your dear friend to shut the f up, was our state of mind when we wrote ‘Hell No’.