Tom A. Smith Shares New Single ‘Little Bits’

British singer and songwriter Tom A. Smith has just shared his brand new single Little Bits, a high-energy indie-pop/rock song out now via TYM Recordings. 
Produced by Larry Hibbitt, Little Bits is another great example of Tom A. Smith's raw and driven indie-rock aesthetic, being another incredible entry within his glittering catalogue to date. I am loving how passionate his vocal delivery is, packed with raw emotion and soaring effortlessly over the energetic production. Backing his vocals we have memorable melodies that feature soaring guitar riffs and punchy drum patterns, creating an overall anthemic, high-energy atmosphere perfect to get you hyped to carry on with your day. This is one of those songs I'd play when I want an extra boost of confidence and energy, with the combination of his gorgeous vocals and killer guitar works. Check it out below!



Adding about Little Bits he said, 
Whilst on tour with Gang of Youths, singer/songwriter Dave talked through his process when he wrote a song. As soon as I came back I put it into practice and this is what I came up with. The challenge I set myself was to write a song that would be great in Rocky IV and I think this works really well.