Scrawny & Madilyn Mei Share New Single ‘Six Legs (Tippy Tappy Toes)’

American artists Scrawny and Madilyn Mei team up to deliver a bouncy, playful, horn-laden feel-good song entitled Six Legs (Tippy Tappy Toes), a rework of Madilyn Mei's classic The Chapel. 
Out now via No Coincidence Records, Six Legs (Tippy Tappy Toes) beautifully showcases Scrawny’s boisterous production and honest, versatile vocals that are seamlessly meshed with Madilyn’s ethereal voice and charming ukulele strumming. What I like the most about this song is its blissful, feel-good vibes and how it instantly made my day shine a little brighter. The pairing of delicate ukulele strums with the lush horns and punchy percussive elements is quite captivating and give the song a larger-than-life, euphoric appeal perfect for carefree summer days with the ones you love. Have a listen to this uplifting gem below!



Speaking about the collaboration, Scrawny said,
I was scrolling through TikTok and stumbled upon Madi's song "The Chapel." The words, the melody and her voice inspired me instantly and I heard an entirely new song in my head. So, I started recording and writing "Six Legs" that day, then I dropped Madi an email with the finished track to see if she was cool with releasing it together. Her response was ecstatic (“Oh my GOODNESS IT SOUNDS AMAZING!!!”) and it got me even more excited to release this song. Madi is extremely kind and creative and I'm glad that she trusted me enough to put this new spin on her words. We've been holding on to this song since July of last year, so I am beyond thrilled that this song will be out in the world!
Madilyn Mei added,
I was super excited when Scrawny reached out about “Six Legs” - Hearing it for the first time was surreal, like I somehow knew it was the start of something really big and exciting, and working with him has definitely lived up to that. Scrawny brings a ton to the table in everything he creates and i couldn’t love what he did with this one more!