Roller Derby Share New Single ‘Always On My Mind’

German indie-pop trio Roller Derby, Philine Meyer (vocals, keys), Manuel Romero Soria (guitar) and Max Nielsen (bass), have just shared their brand new single Always On My Mind, a retro-infused indie-pop song out now via Practise Music. 
I am really enjoying Philipine Meyer's lovely vocals and how they beautifully command the listener's attention from start to finish. Always On My Mind is a song about the value of friendship and social ties, emphasizing the universal importance of these human relations. This relatable message is wrapped around a captivating production that blends nostalgic, wavey 80s sounds with modern indie-pop, making this quite a memorable listening experience. The video for the song illustrates the bands journey in 2022. A cut of live moments from SXSW to the first tours. Check it out below!