Prettyboytheartist Shares New Single ‘Finally’

American singer and songwriter Prettyboytheartist has just shared his official debut single Finally, a soulful piece of Contemporary R&B. 
What I like the most about this song is its feel-good vibes and how it sounds perfect for those laid-back moments with someone special or home alone with one's thoughts. Prettyboytheartist's dynamic, expressive vocal delivery oozes with soul and emotion, gliding beautifully over the polished R&B production. Finally has a deeply impactful message at its core about the fortitude, mental strength, and tremendous resilience to keep going even in the face of great adversities. This relatable message is backed by lush piano chords that are seamlessly intertwined with soulful backing vocals and epic rhythm sounds delivering a hypnotic beat along with a steady bassline. Check it out below!