Payson Lewis Shares New Single ‘Back In Time’ ft. Leah Lewis

Indie pop-rock artist, Payson Lewis has just released his new single Back In Time, a captivating heartbreak anthem. 
A song 10 years in the making about a painful heartbreak, but with a hopeful undertone, Back In Time is a vibrantly heartbreak-inducing single that blends Leah and Payson's elegant vocals and heavily layered guitar and drums, which build flawlessly into an emotional wall of sound that surrounds both the song and the listener. The song represents both love and pain, as Leah and Payson decided to amicably split up shortly after completing the song. 
I am really enjoying how the song has a hopeful undertone as it shows that not all breakups have to be messy, that getting hurt in a relationship is a two-way street. The passion pouring from their vocals is beautifully enhanced by the punchy drums and soaring guitars, making this quite a memorable listening experience. Check it out below!