Nytrix Shares New Single ‘Traces of You’

American electronic vocalist & DJ Nytrix has just shared his brand new single Traces of You, his debut on Steve Aoki's DIM MAK Records. 
Taken from his forthcoming EP, Traces of You is a high-energy piece of electro-pop/EDM with powerful, passionate vocals soaring brightly over a polished, upbeat electronic production. This song is packed with energy and touches of euphoria that instantly gave me that extra boost of energy to carry on with my day. I am really enjoying the way the production is nicely paired with the lush, expressive vocals and how it ebbs and flows to match the passion pouring from the vocals. There's also an anthemic vibe in the song that I really like and the overall atmosphere, with its expansive synths and hard-hitting beats, makes this a great song for summer festivals to come. Check it out below!