Night House Shares New Single ‘Seatbelt’ ft. SOPHIE REID

British producer and songwriter Night House has teamed up with fellow British multi-disciplinary artist SOPHIE REID to deliver Seatbelt, a captivating, 80s-tinged pop anthem. 
Right from the start, Seatbelt is giving me Christine and the queens and Kate Bush, mostly due to its retro appeal and SOPHIE REID's absolutely memorable vocals with are packed with raw, honest emotion and soul. I am particularly fond of the way the production pairs 80s electro-pop elements such as analogue synthesisers with orchestral flourishes that create a warm atmosphere perfect for SOPHIE's lush vocals to soar. I am also very fond of the captivating strings, infectious beat and how the spoken word part adds a rich layer to this already enthralling listening experience. Check it out below!



Nick aka Night House on creating Seatbelt 
I saw REID performing a blend of poetry, theatre and songs and was absolutely blown away by her. It was surreal, out there and like nothing else I'd seen... I knew we had to work together. The next week we went into a writing session knowing nothing about each other but quickly found we had the same humor and oddly similar life experiences. Seatbelt pretty much wrote itself in under an hour. Neither of us expected it but it's a deeply personal 80's tinged banger.