Natisa Gogol Shares Powerful New Single ‘Wind of Hope’

Ukrainian-born singer-songwriter Natisa Gogol has just shared her brand new single Wind of Hope, a triumphant song inspired by the terror-stricken experience of fleeing her home in Kyiv with her young son, delivering a powerful message about holding onto strength and hope, even in the most disastrous and dark of times. 
This courageous pop ballad is quite heart-wrenching, showcasing Natisa Gogol pouring her heart and soul and singing about an event that drastically changed her life, but still giving fans a hopeful message. Wind of Hope is beautifully conveyed through Natisa Gogol's powerful, enchanting vocals which definitely make us feel the raw, honest emotion pouring from her delivery. Backing her lush vocals, we have a polished production by Prague based and US born Gregory Darling (Julian Lenon) that gifts us with emotive piano keys, lush string arrangements and colorful shades of classically inspired landscapes that reach an anthemic emotion-filled chorus. 
Accompanying the release, we have the Marek Mysicka-directed visuals that enhance the emotion of her powerful storytelling. Check it out below!