Mezo Shares New Single ‘Timeless’

Florida-based artist/producer Mezo has just shared his brand new single Timeless, a feel-good electro-pop/house cut out now on German Label Boy's Deep/ Universal Music group Berlin. 
I am really enjoying the vocals which have a slight raspy touch that enhances the emotion of Mezo's storytelling, soaring beautifully over the upbeat production. Timeless is a love story about a relationship that starts and stops in many cycles and when the distance is felt there is a loss in energy. When the person returns the feeling of completeness is experienced. It's a song that shares the power of love and is perfectly enhanced by the polished electro-pop/house production that features lush piano chords, expansive synths, energetic percussive elements and dreamy melodic arrangements that make this a great song for a long drive at night and/or relaxing weekends. Check it out below!