Lori C Shares New Single ‘Never Give Up’

Lori C, the moniker of Italian DJ/Producer Lorenzo Cinquepalmi, has just shared his brand new single Never Give Up, an upbeat Progressive House cut out now via Made2Dance Colours. 
This song oozes Saturday night out vibes with an expressive, emotional female vocal topline gliding effortlessly over the danceable production. I am really enjoying the way the song starts quite smoothly, with lush piano chords backing those gorgeous vocals, creating a warm, emotional atmosphere before the song builds up in energy with the killer percussive elements creating a sense of euphoria and making this gem perfect to sing along to while dancing. I am a sucker for emotional pieces of House music and this one is definitely perfect for me. It's the combination of House piano chords with stunning vocals, expansive synths and groovy rhythms that won me over and I think you will enjoy it too. Check it out below and dance!