Linebug Share New Single ‘Beijng’

Danish duo Linebug, which consists of songwriter Line Bøgh and visual artist Christian Gundtoft, have just shared their brand new single Beijing, a warm and intimate piece of indie/alt-pop music. 
Beijing is a song of hope and love, an uplifting message beautifully conveyed through Line's gorgeous vocals that soar effortlessly over the captivating production. You can really feel the emotion and touches of vulnerability coming through Line's lush vocals which are backed by emotive piano chords seamlessly paired with cinematic strings and catchy percussive elements that together create an overall warm, intimate atmosphere perfect for a reflective, laid-back day home alone. Accompanying the release we have a stunning handdrawn animation- video that is an ode to the stars as a catalyst for human imagination. Check it out below!



Beauty can be ambivalent. This became apparent in the first weeks of the pandemic, where people in big cities all over the world got to see something they had almost forgotten was there: the stars! To the Danish duo LINEBUG this scene represents something very telling of our times: 

There is a lot of fear in our world today, amplified by the news, social media and our own strange tendency to give more notice to all things negative. Even a warm summerday can be difficult to enjoy fully, because it reminds us of global warming. In these complex times, what is beautiful in one moment quickly becomes problematic in the next: “At last! It’s possible to see the stars over Beijing!” - but the cause of this is a devastating pandemic. I doubt that many people could enjoy the stars with untroubled hearts, but I was so fascinated by the picture: a whole world in fear, and then the stars appear!