Jonathan Bree Shares New Single ‘Pre-Code Hollywood’

New Zealand-based artist Jonathan Bree announces has just shared his brand new single Pre-Colde Hollywood, the title track of his upcoming fifth studio album set to arrive on 14 April (with vinyl coming on 12 May) via his own label - Lil’ Chief Records, in partnership with Secretly Distribution. 
Pre-Code Hollywood is a theme song for Bree’s masked, anonymous anti-hero persona, and references The Hays Code: a set of industry guidelines enforced in Hollywood between 1934 and 1968 that censored what ideals in art should be championed, and what should be driven underground, rather than accepting the nuance in creation. 
This message is wrapped around an infectious blend of dark-pop, synth-pop and disco elements that together create quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience. I am particularly fond of the tone of his vocals which ooze so much confidence and emotion which is enhanced by the killer guitar riffs, lush synths and steady drum patterns. 
The track’s accompanying video, self-directed by Jonathan Bree, is set in the late 1970s, where Bree and his band are performing on a fictional ‘Top of the Pops’-style live TV show called 'Radio Vision.'