IAMDDB Shares New Single ‘Where Did The Love Go?’

British artist IAMDDB has just shared her brand new single Where Did The Love Go?, the lead single for her long-awaited Volume 6 that is set to arrive this year. 
I am really enjoying the warmth of this song and how it instantly got me in a good mood. Where Did The Love Go? is a self-love anthem, a love letter from her higher self to remind her of her strength and abilities whilst overcoming karmic cycles. It represents self-care, healing, letting go and protecting yourself. This positive, uplifting song is beautifully delivered through IAMDDB's gorgeous, soulful vocals which soar effortlessly over a blend of jazz, soul and killer drum and bass elements. The song oozes feel-good vibes perfect for a long drive and/or reflective summer days at the beach. Accompanying the release, IAMDDB shares her self-directed music video that beautifully embodies the song's message and warm atmosphere. Check it out below!