Harper Allen Shares Debut Single ‘We’re Listening to TS’

American singer and songwriter Harper Allen has just shared her official debut single We're Listening to TS, an infectious pop song about falling out of love. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and how rich and expressive Harper Allen's vocals are, instantly capturing my attention to her relatable storytelling. We're Listening to TS is a pop anthem that pays homage to the love that ruins your favourite songs and leaves you coming back for seconds. I am very fond of the lush picked acoustic guitars and how they give way to soaring electric guitar riffs and a memorable four-on-the-floor beat that culminate in a highly infectious and anthemic chorus perfect to sing along to. There's something about Harper's vocals that sounds both vulnerable and powerful at the same time, effortlessly connecting the listener's to the emotion of her relatable storytelling. Have a listen to this pop gem below!